Friday, February 06, 2009

[02-06-09] What A Crazy Week!!

Hello, Guys-

Again, my life has been hectic, and didn't update news. Sorry!!

Last night, I showed up my model/friend, Julia's suprise birthday party.
She's been helping so many projects for us, and we always enjoy working together.
She and her husband are going to move to Nashville next week, so I'm glad I did make it to join that party

I have been working for a Japanese cosmetic magazine as a coverage coordinator, and we visited spas, doctor's practices and cosmetic stores. During coverage, it is alwasy some tentions, so I'm pretty hard to keep myself healthy and happy because working with clients pretty much 24-7 while they are in town. So I need to think about how thing going every second!

But luckily, we did pretty good coverage, and I hope it comes out great...

In a mean time, I'm sending e-flier to my customers of ScoLar.
We're getting really excited to show new collections in Las Vegas.
Check attachment!

Anyone is interested in ScoLar, please email Yukie -
We're happy to schedule appointment to show new collections at POOL TRADE!