Saturday, September 11, 2010

[09-11-10] cranberry tofu (okara) biscotti

Very healthy snack cookies for nursing moms and kids!

-since I was pregnant, I started making this biscotti and served to my family and friends. Instead of using only flour, I add okara which is fibers left over by making tofu. So it's not so crunchy, yet Italian snack looks and flavor !

*** 100g = 3.5z = 0.2lb

Here is the recipe :
Okara 100g

-Flour 100g
-Baking Powder 1 tea spoon
-Sugar 50g

-2 eggs

-cranberry 50g
-mix nuts 50g
-fresh rosemary 2-3 branches(2inch long)
-olive oil 1 table spoon

Powder sugar

1. Use microwave to dry out Okara. ( 3min and mix then another 1min)

2. Using pan to roast mix nuts then chop.

3. In a mid size ball. Add A, and okara. Mix and pour eggs into it.

4. Mix then add B. Make sure rosemary is chopped finely!

5. Put dough onto the oven pan with two. Start preheat oven with 340F/170C

6. Put powder sugar onto two doughs

7. Put them in an oven and bake 25min

8. Put them out from the oven and sliced into small pieces (1/2 inch thick)

9. Put them on the oven pan. Make sure the surface of cut is up. Then bake 10min with 300F/150C then turn upside down and bake another 10min

10. Done!!!

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