Friday, December 19, 2008

[12-18-09] We Are Closed For Holidays

Hello, guys-

We're closed for holidays

Will be back in Jan 12th/Monday

Bit long vacation :)

Happy Holidays, everyone



Sunday, December 14, 2008

[12-14-08] Another YOGAHOP class in Lululemon in Santa Monica

Hey, Guys-

I decided to take another YOGAHOP class!
Well this time the class is the promo class at Lululemom in Santa Monica.
Basically, the place is the reason I've known YOGAHOP, and they have promo classes every Sunday during this month.

Last YOGAHOP class I took was Jennifer Moore's class, but today's one is Matthew the head instructor of YOGAHOP
He's class is ROCK! I really enjoyed, and the way of teaching isn't too much hard and the music he selected was awesome!!
(By the way, I'm not sure he picked those songs, but it was slightly different from Jennifer's music)

And I saw one of my favorite actresses, Gabrielle Anwar of Burn Notice
She was such a pretty, and as the same as I imagined.
Charming, and super fit!

Therefore I decided to keep work out of this YOGAHOP, and will take their classes as soon as I'm back from Taiwan & Japan!

*** Funtrap will be closed for Holidays : Dec 16 thru Dec 23, and also Yukie will goto Taiwan and Japan to meet customers over there, and She will be back on Jan 12 in the office. Please contact by email in a meantime. Thank you for understanding. ***

Thursday, December 11, 2008

[12-10-08] Another shooting for LA BODY magazine

Day One:

We went to malibu, shooting with this crew and models are always fun
I think we did a good job this time again!

Really nice summer-ish in photos.

I think it was worth going out for location hunting yesterday totally...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

[12-09-08] The Shooting begins...

Finally my clients in town. I really have to get ready!

I showed all new collections for two of my lines, and also I did interpret for another line for my client.
(It is service!)

And we prepared for shooting tomorrow and Friday.

Bit hustle now

I hope the weather is fine, and hopefully bit warmer for my models sake

Monday, December 08, 2008

[12-08-08] Yogahop!

Today, I joined the class of YOGAHOP for the first time!
The YOGAHOP was founded by Mary King,Marko King,Matthew Reyes; and Jonathan Watters in the summer of 2006.
Matthew Reyes is the current head instructor, and he's famous as a personal trainer of Reese Weatherspoon, the actress.

I went to the LULULEMONstore in Santa Monica the other day, and I heard about this program
I used to take yoga classes frequently, and I also took lessons of jazz dancing, hip hop, and zumba.
But last 6 months, I didn't do pretty much anything

Since my personal life has been bit calmer now, I think it is the best time to put myself in the fitness surroundings!

I like Hatha yoga, but I always feel too relax, and I couldn't make myself into the whole yoga thing, because I've danced with fun and sweat, so when I take regular yoga class, I don't feel satisfied.
I took Bikram yoga classes, but those are also no my type

But this YOGAHOP might be the one!
I wish I could do all the yoga postures better, and well known
But that makes a good motivations to take classes more

The instructor, Jennifer, was awesome, and I'm planning to get back to her class again:)

Today I wore LA BODY's Bra Top, and my favorite PureLime supplex pants!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

[12-07-08] Desert Hills Outlet


I went to the Desert Hills Outlet mall this morning.
Actually this is my first time to visit there
I passed it before, but never shopped...

Anyway, we left LA around 8:30 in the morning, and of course there is no traffic
So we got there before the store opens, and it was cold and raining...
What a day!

The purpose we went there was to buy a purse of Bottega Veneta
Not for myself, but for my brother-in-law's girlfriend who lives overseas
That's it!

But I did search a bit.

COACH was really popular
I think they have great deals at outlet stores all the time
We found Sunglass hats have better deal of Oakley sunglasses better than Oakley store :)

I'm pretty sure the sales isn't enough to say that they are doing good, but I didn't feel that we are getting recession...

Desert Hills Premium Outlet

Saturday, December 06, 2008

[12-06-08] To Share Japanese Culture...

Today, I had my Japanese tea ceremony lesson.

My friend, and awesome bag designer, Amy Hall of Amykathryn have asked me to join my lesson, and finally she could come to my lesson!

Since I met her, I've told her about my work and my culture
I've started learning tea ceremony performance few years before, and I got so into it.
So I did tell Amy about my Saturday lesson, and she became very curious.

You know designers and artists have usually really open mind for other cultures, arts and designs.
Amy herself is also a very cute and nice person, and she seemed so influenced the whole things.
I'm glad that she could appreciate the design of clothes we use for kimono, obi or any other tool cases because she knows fabrics.

Also the each pieces of designs of ceramics, bottles and tools are very specific and unique, and she looked to be so impressed.

For me, the class of Saturday morning is such a special, and I can realize who I am, and I'm very proud of the deep, traditional and historical things I've learned.

Anyway even I took FULL 2 years of class, I'm still in the beginner level, and me and my friend, Tomoko, will have to learn more and more things to be like our Sensei, our master/instructor.

I also realize recently that I need to start reading more books about my country and my culture to understand.

Check wikipedia about Japanese tea ceremony and also my school/group/style:

[12-05-08] Meet Fashion People in Downtown LA!

Today was a sample sale day
Unfortunately not many people know about that, so it wasn't that busy like regular the end of the last Friday of the month, but still frequent shoppers were hopping showrooms to get some special deals!

I went to stop by to meet the owner of Bryce and Bouji, one of my favorites contemporary designer.
I met the designer, Jen, at FIDM trunk show this spring, and I just felt in love her collections.
The company is now growing, and her reps seem to work pretty well.
They'd love to expand more international accounts, and I'm planning to looking for Japanese accounts....

Then after that, I went to say hello to Ava at Nightcap Clothing.
She's a sales person, and also in charge for PR.
She's such a sweat and cute as usual. (She dyed her her into bit darker than before, and I really like that!!)
I met Ava to cover Nightcap for Japanese magazine, JJ before, and I didn't have a chance to stop by their new showroom.
Anyway, their place is such a cute, and I talked with her about more business things this time.
We seem to have many mutual things when we talk about selling to boutiques.
I'm glad that I could stop by :)

To meet people is always inspiring!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

[12-03-08] Cool Trunk Show, and another sample sale

Well, the FIDM trunk show did really great!
I met some people who actually came back to see me to buy ScoLar and MonPecheMignon
That's a good thing!

I personally shopped for my husband's friend's daughter who was just born last week:)
Great piece with great deal.

I'm going to another SAMPLE SALE in California Market Center on 5th/Dec

I'll be at A255 - my last showroom - from 9:30 to 3pm
California Market Center
I'll have following samples :


Prices will be super holiday prices, and this sample sale will be my last samples sale in 2008!
Don't miss it.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[12-01-08] Trunk Show at FIDM tomorrow!


I've already missed my blog writing yesterday!
Anyway, I caught in San Diego yesterday, and finally I'm back.

Here is the thing!
Tomorrow, I'm going to bring my ScoLar and Monpechemignon to my alumni trunk show.

Kind of excited because I always meet people over there
To keep going back to school is kind of important for me now.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

[11-30-08] Finally ! ScoLar opens a new store in Tokyo

Hey, guys-

Finally ScoLar opens their flag ship store in Tokyo!
It is located in Harajuku, which is one of the most fashionable areas in Tokyo.

Open on Dec. 6th, Sunday
ScoLar Tokyo
3-26-2 Jingumae Shibuya-kyo Tokyo

I'm kind of excited because Harajuku is really popular for tourists,too.

What's new in

Come check it out!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

[11-29-08] Yukie's thought.

Hi, guys-

This is Yukie of Funtrap.
I've been almost neglect my blog for while, and I really regret.
Sorry about that.

I've been bit depressed about the situation even I just recently married with my precious hubby, and have had wonderful days.

I used to KNOW what I want to do in my career, but because my life has
been changed a lot, all of sudden I'm in a dark. So last few months,
I've worked, but I did what I had to do only. There was no extra and

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
And during this holidays, I've read a book that is editted the contents of blogs of one of my favorite Japanese authors, Banana Yoshimoto whose famous novel is KITCHEN and GOODBYE TSUGUMI etc.

Wiki of Banana Yoshimoto

She's been writing her blog diary pretty much EVERYDAY, and she put a lot of
dary life stories in it. Especially since she has a son now, her life
seemed to be changed a lot than when she was a single. She learns and
feels so many things, and she just wrote few things in her blog.

Since I've used this blog for my business, FTC Funtrap, Inc, I tried not to write that much personal thing, but you know what that isn't right. Since Funtrap is run by pretty much Yukie Teramachi, myself, so I think people can understand my COMPANY itself if people understand what I do and what I think.

Therefore I decided to start writing my blog much frequently and try to write more.

You know my first language is Japanese, and I've been writing a lot
including fashion, business, and culture for many other blogs.I used to
write inRAKUTEN, and now I've been writing my diary in which is SSN like for Japanese language speakers. But as it has limited access, I think this web might work much well.

I have another title. I'm a Japanese writer/journalist. I've run my
fashion business, but at the same time I've been working for Japanese
magazines and blog media as a coordinator and writer.

Here is my recent entry for the blog media. Unfortunately it is all written in Japanese...
Media Sabor

Anyway, this is what I've done along with running FTC Funtrap, Inc.
I'm not sure how many people will read this, but I swear that I'm going to start update my blog everyday from tomorrow.

I'm in Facebook, mixi, myspace etc
Please find me if you read this diary :)

So now I'm getting free from my depressed days.
Even the business situation got tougher, as long as my energy level get high and my brain works better, I'm ok and I'm sure I can survive.
I think now believing myself is the most important thing.

I will write my plan of 2009 soon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

10-07-08 New Line "Modage", Vintage Inspired Scarves

Hi, Everyone-

I'm sorry that I haven't updated my blog while.
So much things going on like this economy.

Funtrap Showroom has been doing great with ScoLar and Mon Peche Mignon!
Our POOL TRADE SHOW in Las Vegas was successful, and now we start shipping new HOLIDAY collections to customers.

Regarding holiday, we just picked up new collection called "Modage". We displayed with ScoLar and Mon Peche Mignon during POOL TRADE SHOW, and had a great reaction from customers.

This scarves and accessories line is made in Los Angeles, and very unique and artistic collection.

Please contact us if you are interested in having the line sheet.
Retailers! All pieces will be delivered just before holiday season.
Also we have a promo for new early bird! (10% off!)

See some pictures above.

Will update our store information about ScoLar and Mon Peche Mignon soon :)


Funtrap - YUKIE

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

08-20-08 ScoLar & Mon-Peche-Mignon : It's Vegas time

Hello, Everyone-
This is YUKIE of Funtrap.

We did our seasonal photo shoots in LA for ScoLar and Mon-Peche-Mignon.
Both lines are from Japan, but they look totally trendy, don't they?

Our ScoLar model is Jennifer. She's young and cut model.
Our Mon-Peche-Mignon model is our frequent model, Clara! She did our first shooting for both lines, and this time she looks really gorgeous!

I can say, ScoLar is the collection to make you feel really fun and happy, on the other hand Mon-Peche is making you much more trendy and sexy.

Upcoming Las Vegas show, we'll be back POOL TRADE.
Our booth# is 408.

Our crew will be Yukie, Kumi, Nikki and Grace!

People who won't be able to attend this POOL TRADE, don't hesitate to contact me!

Funtrap Official Website

For your reference...
ScoLar Website
Mon Peche Mignon Website

Friday, August 08, 2008

[08-08-2008] Update SCOLAR information!!

Hi, Everyone-

Sorry that I haven't updated my blog...

We're going to join POOL TRDE SHOW again!
We'll bring Holiday 08, and Spring 09

Looking forward to seeing you guys:)


ScoLar Website
Mon Peche Mignon Website

Also just want to let you know that our office moved to West Los Angeles.
Phone/Fax/Email are still the same, so please contact Yukie for new location detail.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

06-26-08 ScoLar - KIKI magazine

Hi, Everyone-

ScoLar is picked up from KIKI magazine. The magazine is targeted TEENAGERS. And their editorial mission is to help each reader develop a sense of style that reflects her own personality, and to nurture in her the sense of confidence that comes from being comfortable in her own skin, whatever her style.

Pretty nice, huh?


Also just want to let you know that we're going to move to West Los Angeles in the end of June!
Phone/Fax/Email are still the same, so please contact Yukie for new location detail.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

06-05-08 Ready To LA MARKET!

Wow, it's been a while since my last update!!
So sorry-

By the way, I'm so excited to have a new LA MARKET from tomorrow:)

I have so many new and fresh collection for this market

I have immediate and Fall 08 collections for following brands

Mary White Bodywear

Will update new showroom look soon :)

Ciao :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

04-23-08 PureLime in a Japanese Web Magazine

Hey, Guys-

Sorry, I couldn't update my blog while...

I just got a news from Japan, and PureLime was featured by Oshman Web Magazine!

Oshman Web Magazine

Check this out :)

---Fitness Lines ---

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

03-12-08 LA MARKET + CASA Show

Hi, Everyone-

The show season is coming again.
For upcoming trade show, we're going to show you "PureLime" and "MPG" both Fall collections.
Of course we still have immediate available, and I have all samples in my showroom!

The best pieces from immediate lines, are definitely the styles on the pictures :

1) 787 Rib Dance Pants(Marl Gray) and 010 Button Tee Marl Granite
2) 130 Twin Tank(Nutmeg) -- Graphic Top
3) 115 Air Camisole (Red) and 589 Button Capri (Black)
4) 437 Hooded Jacket and 882 Pants (both in White) --- Super Authentic Fitness Outfits and Best Sellers!

For coming Fall, PureLime adds few new materials


Meryl with actisystem and Aquamove incorporated. The Actisystem inherent silver particles inhibit bacteial growth, maintains the biological balance of the skin and reduces unpleasant odours. The Aquamove is a eco-friendly treatment that effectively moves moisture away from the body to easily evapourate, keeping the body dry and giving the garment a cooler more comfortable feel.Together with the soft. Meryl micro fibres for function and lycra for Suportive fit.

"Green Cotton"

Not only is our cotton organic certfied, but it also bears the Green Cotton Flower, Which is your guarantee that the complete production process is environmentally friendly (which includes spinning, knitting, dyeing and sewing). Our Organic cotton is mixed with Lycra for support and a perfect fit.

Cool, isn't it?
Check them at my showroom or the booth at CASA (booth# 15!).

CASA (California Active Sportswear Association)
+Dates: March 18th - 20th 9am-5pm (20th/-3pm)
+Location : Hyatt Regency Irvine
17900 Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA 92614.
(Corner of Jamboree Rd. and Main St.)
(949) 975-1234

See you there-

---Fitness Lines ---

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

02-26-08 PureLime Time!

Hello, Everyone-

Of course we've already started showing FALL 08 collections.
Upcoming season, PureLime starts following new fabric, and those are awesome quality!
Don't miss to try our new materials...

1: Meryl --- PureLime's new fabric, Meryl are with Actisystem and Aquamove. Actisystem inherent silver particles inhabit bacterial growth, maintains the biological balance of the skin and reduce unpleasant odors! Aquamove is a eco-friendly treatment that effectively moves moisture away from the body to easily evaporate, keeping the body dry and giving the garment cooler and more comfortable feel. Together with the soft Meryl micro fibers for function and lycra for supportive fit.

2: Green Cotton --- Finally PureLime start dealing with organic cotton! Not only is certified organic, but it also bears the Green Cotton Flower, which is our guarantee that the complete production process is environmental friendly including spinning, knitting dyeing and sewing. All process has been made in Europe. PureLime organic cotton is mixed with Lycra for support and a perfect fit.

New Market Info...

March 14-18, LA MARKET at California Market Center A255
March 18-20, CASA Show at Hyatt Regency Irvine

Please call or email for appointment...
213-622-2339 Call Email

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

---Fitness Lines ---

Thursday, February 07, 2008

02-06-08 MPG at MAGIC! following to LA MARKET & CASA

Hello, everyone-

Don't forget! MPG will be in MAGIC again

We'll show the collection at WWD MAGIC , Blanc Noir booth# JR13401

Also we'll have two big shows for fitness and active customers!

Don't miss LA Market in Los Angeles, and CASA show in Irvine

We're looking forward to seeing you soon...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

01-24-08 ScoLar Update

Hello, Everyone!

I was in NYC this week, and it was freezing, but guess what?
LA is so COLD as well because of T storm!!
Now we have on-and-off rains and winds...

Regarding storms, I think my new Japanese line "ScoLar" made some storms in the US during holiday season.
It means most of the stores did sell well my ScoLar!
Of course in Japan and other Asian countries, ScoLar get super popular as a unique young casual collection.

We're so exciting to coming back to the POOL TRADE SHOW in Las Vegas from Feb 12-14.
Please contact us to schedule of appointment:)

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

---Young Contemporary---

---Fitness Lines ---

--- Funtrap is now with Serendipity Showroom ---
Also known as ---Under and Tulula Corporate Showroom---

Thursday, January 17, 2008

01-18-08 Here Comes MPG! Performance Dance Wear

As I mentioned my last blog, MPG will exhibit its FALL 08 collections at Outdoor Retailer next week!

Upcoming season, MPG has very sophisticated color stories such as pale pink, ORCHID, and rich white, PORCELAIN etc

If you can't attend this show, feel free to call me! I'll show you at my showroom or see you at your store!
Don't hesitate to contact me...

Jan 23 - 26 Salt Lake City, UT : MPG : Outdoor Retailer Show

---Fitness Lines ---


--- Funtrap is now with Serendipity Showroom ---
Also known as ---Under and Tulula Corporate Showroom---

Friday, January 11, 2008

01-11-08 New Showroom, New Trade Show...

Finally I'm back to the States. I took such long holidays this year in Asia, so now I'm tatally refreashing!

My showroom with Tulula and Under is fun :)
Another sales rep, Fernanda, and Jenny,the designer/owner of Tulula and Under, are such funny people.

I'm so happy to join the team in this showroom, and work together.

We have now showing PureLime, MPG and InTouch's Spring collections.
Also I have few styles of ScoLar immediate showing as well

For upcoming event ...

Jan 23 - 26 Salt Lake City, UT : MPG : Outdoor Retailer Show
Feb 12 - 14 Las Vegas, NV : ScoLar : POOL TRADE SHOW

We're so looking forward to seeing you soon :)

---Fitness Lines ---

Also known as ---Under and Tulula Corporate Showroom---