Sunday, December 14, 2008

[12-14-08] Another YOGAHOP class in Lululemon in Santa Monica

Hey, Guys-

I decided to take another YOGAHOP class!
Well this time the class is the promo class at Lululemom in Santa Monica.
Basically, the place is the reason I've known YOGAHOP, and they have promo classes every Sunday during this month.

Last YOGAHOP class I took was Jennifer Moore's class, but today's one is Matthew the head instructor of YOGAHOP
He's class is ROCK! I really enjoyed, and the way of teaching isn't too much hard and the music he selected was awesome!!
(By the way, I'm not sure he picked those songs, but it was slightly different from Jennifer's music)

And I saw one of my favorite actresses, Gabrielle Anwar of Burn Notice
She was such a pretty, and as the same as I imagined.
Charming, and super fit!

Therefore I decided to keep work out of this YOGAHOP, and will take their classes as soon as I'm back from Taiwan & Japan!

*** Funtrap will be closed for Holidays : Dec 16 thru Dec 23, and also Yukie will goto Taiwan and Japan to meet customers over there, and She will be back on Jan 12 in the office. Please contact by email in a meantime. Thank you for understanding. ***

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