Saturday, December 06, 2008

[12-06-08] To Share Japanese Culture...

Today, I had my Japanese tea ceremony lesson.

My friend, and awesome bag designer, Amy Hall of Amykathryn have asked me to join my lesson, and finally she could come to my lesson!

Since I met her, I've told her about my work and my culture
I've started learning tea ceremony performance few years before, and I got so into it.
So I did tell Amy about my Saturday lesson, and she became very curious.

You know designers and artists have usually really open mind for other cultures, arts and designs.
Amy herself is also a very cute and nice person, and she seemed so influenced the whole things.
I'm glad that she could appreciate the design of clothes we use for kimono, obi or any other tool cases because she knows fabrics.

Also the each pieces of designs of ceramics, bottles and tools are very specific and unique, and she looked to be so impressed.

For me, the class of Saturday morning is such a special, and I can realize who I am, and I'm very proud of the deep, traditional and historical things I've learned.

Anyway even I took FULL 2 years of class, I'm still in the beginner level, and me and my friend, Tomoko, will have to learn more and more things to be like our Sensei, our master/instructor.

I also realize recently that I need to start reading more books about my country and my culture to understand.

Check wikipedia about Japanese tea ceremony and also my school/group/style:

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