Friday, December 07, 2007

12-07-07 WE ARE MOVING!!

Hello, Everyone-

I just want to let you know that Funtrap Showroom will move to a new location.

We're still in the California Market Center of Downtown LA, but will be on 2nd floor.

New address is as follows :

110 E 9th St A255 Los Angeles, CA 90079

We'll share with Serendipity Showroom...
Also known as ---Under and Tulula Corporate Showroom---

---Fitness Lines ---


Will be closed 12-21-07 to 01-04-08 as Holiday Vacation.

Friday, November 16, 2007

11-16-07 This Week's News --- Funtrap Sample Sale Schedule

Hi, Everyone-

Here is out updated "SAMPLE SALE" schedule.

>>> Japanese Lines, saikan etc
Nov 18 SUN 10AM - 3PM: Sassy Chick at Fairmont Hotel, Santa Monica, CA
see attached for detail

Nov 30 FRI 9AM - 3PM: funtrap showroom, California Market Center C555, downtown LA

Dec 12 WED : 11AM - 5PM: FIDM (Park) at Downtown Los Angeles, CA

>>> Fitness Lines, PureLime, Reflex, Tyoga etc
Nov 30 FRI 9AM - 3PM: funtrap showroom, California Market Center C555, downtown LA

Dec 1 SAT : 4PM - 8PM: Diaz Human Performance at 1612 E. Ventura Blvd. in Camarillo, CA, 93010
Diaz Human Performance

Dec 9 SUN : 11AM - 3PM: Lomas Santa Fe Country Club at 1505 Lomas Santa Fe Drive
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Lomas Santa Fe Country Club

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

11-12-07 Photo + Art Event

Hello, everyone!

My staff, Kumi, is having photo show at the coffee shop,Kaldi, in Glendale.
She'll have a closing party this coming Saturday!

The owner of Kaldi, Rika, and Kumi decided to hold this event as a charity

Please come to join, and see her artwork!

Friday, October 26, 2007

10-26-07 This Week's Funtrap Pick!

Hi, everyone-

New la market has just begun!
I have 5 lines of active/yoga/lounge collection in my showroom.

This week I featured following coordinations for my mannequines....

1... PureLime (From Spring 08) + LA BODY Underwear (Basic)
Top 183 Open Back Tee (Viscose Stretch)
Bottom 864 5/8 Rib Pants (Loop Back)
Inner LA401 LA BODY Sports Top (AISIS Micro fiber nylon)

*** Rib Pants and Hop Short is one of the trend in Europe
Purelime -

2... Jiinga Brasil (From Immediate)
Top BT102 Triangle Bra (Supplex)
Bottom PT421 Yoga Pants (Supplex)
Coverup LS526 Pullover (Micro fiber nylon + mesh)

*** Sports Club LA instructors prefer to wear this new JIINGA BRASIL looks!
Jiinga Brasil -

3... Tyoga (From Spring 08)
Top 1018-C Zen Cami (Sueded Cotton Spandex)
Bottom 2043-C Lotus Capri (Sueded Cotton Spandex)
Coverup 1052-C Lotus Wrap (Sueded Cotton Spandex)

*** Tyoga is always featured by YOGA JOURNAL!
Tyoga -

Friday, October 19, 2007

10-19-07 Update Funtrap News

Hello, everyone!
Sorry I couldn't wrote my blog such a long time...

It has been so many things happened last few months, and couldn't update any info...

We'll have a new LA Market from Oct. 26-30. I'm going to show total 5 companies, 7 lines during the show.

Those lines are ....

Purelime -
Reflex Sport(women) and Pitbull -
Tyoga -
InTouch -

Jiinga Brasil - +++ NEW+++
LA BODY Underwear - Website not available. +++ NEW+++

You can take a look of each websites, and give me a call or email to schedule of appointment!

+++++ From next week, I'm going to update this blog every "Friday" Don't miss it! +++++

Thursday, September 06, 2007

09-06-07 MAGIC review ...

Hi, Everyone-

We were so glad to meet a lot of new people and a lot of our contacts and friends during MAGIC in Las Vegas.

FUNTRAP was helping the booth at Japanese young contemporary line, ScoLar, at Pool Trade Show!


With a great price point and very out standing graphic works, ScoLar has received fantastic reactions from buyers and press during show!

Thank you so much for your interest!

Friday, August 10, 2007

08-10-07 Market Market Market!

The Last Minuite, I decided to work with a line, Tyoga, from this market.

Her Holiday collection is beautiful!


Emphasizing comfort, fit, and elegant simplicity through the use of fabrics that are sueded to be super-soft, and cut in a sophisticated color palate, this beautiful yoga/lifestyle collection is made to fit, and not grab the body.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

08-06-07 August News From Funtrap Showroom

Hello, Guys!

Here is our schedule of August 2007!

LA MARKET 10 (FRI) -14 (TUE)
I'm going to show you following collections----

Reflex Sport

I'm going to sell "SAIKAN" at the table of ""
Yukie is also performing to help "Japanese Tea Ceremony" on Sunday

MAGIC and POOL TRADE SHOW in Las Vegas 27(MON)-30(THU)
I'll be in WWDMAGIC for MPG!

Also I'll be in POOL TRADE for "ScoLar" (see attached image)

I can also show my PureLime and Reflex by appointment only!
Detail : see attached...

Please contact or call 213.622.2339 - funtrap showroom

Thank you--

Sunday, July 22, 2007

07-22-07 Funtrap Latest News!

Hello, everyone-

Update new info about Japanese brands in Funtrap Showroom:::

SMO will be join UNITED TRADE SHOW for the first time in NYC!
Please come to visit on July 23 and 24th... (It will be tomorrow!)

Kanako Yaguchi is now on the commercial film with her performing of KIRIGAMI in Japan!


Huh,, Cool!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

05-31-07 New Concept, New Lines...

Hello, Everyone-

It was great opportunities in Japan! Our show of PureLime was pretty good, and I could meet a lot of people in the industry of fitness in Japan.

FUNTRAP SHOWROOM wil change its concept.
We've been showing a lot of "contemporary brands" instead of "lifestyle brands".
But from upcoming LA MARKET, FUNTRAP will more focus on LIFESTYLE BRANDS, such as active wear, lounge wear etc.

Our permanent lines as follows :

Designed in Denmark with celan lines, great colors and innovative styling are what define the line.

Reflex Sport *** NEW
REFLEX SPORT is a contemporary Yoga/Lifestyle and Athletic line. All products are made in California, and they use only top fabrics and constantly promote newly found fabric directions such as Organics (Bamboo, Soy etc).

Multi factional sports underwear with pop and funky color stories.

Seasonal lines and a supportive artist from Japan :
KIRIGAMI WORKS by Kanako Yaguchi
Muddy Boots

Please come to visit our LA Showroom during LA MARKET JUNE 08-12

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!
Please contact FUNTRAP SHOWROOM for an appointment

Saturday, May 19, 2007

05-19-07 Have You Heard Of RESCUE SQUAD in Japan?

Hello, Everyone-

I'm in Tokyo. I've been staying for 10 days to have meetings, PureLime show and so on.
The next day I arrived in Tokyo, I visited ISI Corporation where I used to work.

ISI runs the conceptual store chain called RESCUE SQUAD - FIRE FIGHTERS
They actually opened their first store "FIRE FIGHTERS" at HARAJUKU, and it was the same year that the world famous "BATHING APE" & "UNDERCOVER" opened its first store "NOWHERE" on the same street, PROPELLER STREET in Harajyuku.

FIRE FIGHTERS became famous in the Japanese fashion market because of dealing with FDNY T-shirts, which are worn by American fire fighters in NY. In the US, each fire department usually makes its original T-shirts. Not only firemen wear, but also they sell them to the community for a part of its community services.

As far as in Japanese, it was just released the movie, "Back Draft", when FIRE FIGHTERS opened the store and many Japanese were fascinated its movie, and admire the spirit of American firemen. Since then, FIRE FIGHTERS has been a great relationships with its fans who are from Japanese official fire fighters and rescue people to fashionists, such as stylist and models. Especially in early 90s, it was a huge boom of American Casual in Tokyo, called SHIBUKAJI - Shibuya Casual -, and FIRE FIGHTERS provided typical American clothing, like LOGO T-shirts. Department T-shirts are simple, but they always express the spirit of FIREMEN, so they have been accepted by many guys who like American style.

The first store of "FIRE FIGHTERS" is still located on PROPELLER St. and it was celebrated over 15 years now. (They changed its name RESCUE SQUAD - FIRE FIGHTERS since 1999) Now they have 7 stores in Japan and also runs online and catalog stores.

RESCUE SQUAD always has great connections with many different kind of PROFESSIONALS, such as designers and manufactures. Also they have many opportunities to work with outside industries as a apparel company because this store is the only store who cross over between apparel and fire fighting. Of course they are many stores who sell "military items" or "surplus goods" in Japan. Usually FIRE FIGHTERS's T-shirts are sold in those stores. However RESCUE SQUAD tries to attract not only who are interested in fire fighters, but also in fashion. That is the different between other geeky stores and RESCUE SQUAD.

They are not that popular like BATHING APE because they don't have "signature" producer/designer like NIGO is.But its quality of clothing and uniqueness is still outstanding, I believe. That is why they still here!!

RESCUE SQUAD is now aiming to attract the US market, which is actually its origin, conceptually. Their customer service providing in Japanese market will help its expanding to the international market, such as issuing direct mails with hand writing comments by sales associates or the point system with membership cards.

The web site of RESCUE SQUAD is captivating many fans and provide a lot of knowledge of RESCUE things for ordinary people as well.

I hope they will accept the US market sometimes soon :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

05-11-07 Funtrap Will Be In Tokyo...

Hello, Everyone-

We'll be on the road to Japan!

First PureLime Mini Show will be held at YASU Gallery in Omotesando on May 22nd, TUE

YASU Gallery
5-51-1 Jingu Mae Shibuya Ku Tokyo

By Strong Co., Ltd

Over 15-year-old, true MADE IN California line, Reflex Sport will be shown at this show for the first time in Japan as well!

Please contact Storng Co., Ltd to schedule of an appointment:



当日は、MADE IN USAのフィットネスブランド「Reflex Sport」のサンプルもご覧いただけます

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

05-02-07 SMO... Renewed Its Web

Hey, Guys-

Check this out!

SMO has a new website, and all Spring Summer items are uploaded!
Unfortunately, only Japanese available...

But check their "PRODUCTS"!!
Email me if you are looking for specific styles for you.
I'll find out the US stores!

Friday, April 27, 2007

04-24-07 : Finally Shopping Saikan Online!

Hello, Everyone-

Finally, my online store is open!
Currently 4 items are available, and we ship right away!

Come and shop!!


All products are in stock, so we ship right away!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

04-18-07 Awesom Japanese Fabric!

Hey, Guys-

In California Market has been "International Textile Show" last few days.
Fabrics... I'm sure "ORGANICS" is one of the trends in the textile industry.

By the way in March, Tokyo had "Japan Fashion Week".
Every year, Japanese fashion industry tries to become more "international" not only as buyers but also venders.
A part of my business is also the trend of Japanese fashion industry. Attract the US market!

I'm sure Japanese "FABRIC" is getting succeed as a vendor in the world now. They are awesome. Japanese technology in the textile industry is very outstanding in some fabrics.

I red the book of "Let My People Go Surfing" that is written by Yvon Chouinard who is a founder of "Patagonia".In this book, Yvon mentioned a Japanese company, Teiji , that is manufacturing fabrics for Patagonia, and praised its quality and he said he's happy to work with Teijin.

(Patagonia is a famous for the company whose mission is “To use business to inspire and implement solutions to environmental crisis”. Patagonia is a clothing company that’s focus is on selling environmentally safe outdoor apparel. )

Regarding Japanese fabrics, now you can find many in the most popular fabric show of the world, Premiere Vision in France. But I'm sure there are so many companies still keep their business in Japan only.

Designers! Check out this trade show : Japan Creation

Japan Creation (JC) is the largest fabric tradeshow in Tokyo held in twice a year. When I was working in the Japanese industry, I loved to visit this show every time to check new patterns, new finishing, and new trims! Especially if you can see their great mixture of HIGH-TECH and TRADITONAL fabrics a lot. I like
heavy Japanese denim.

And today I found that in the end of this month, one of the JC programs, "SENSEWERE" will be held in Tokyo. It is the new event, guys-

04/26-29 Aoyama, Tokyo (Check details on their web)

It will be a great opportunities to show Japanese fashion industry's possibility and future.
Fabric doesn't worry about its "size" that much, like garment items.
As long as its quality are good, the only problem would be pricing. But that can be solved.

If you are interested in joing the show, contact us! (Next will be in Dec, 07)
Let's make a special trip to Japan!

Friday, April 13, 2007

04-13-07 Jazzercise featured PureLime!

Hey, guys-

Jazzercise featured our new products of PureLime in their catalogs :)
Jazzercise Online/Catalog Store "Jazzertog"

Jazzercise :
Jazzercise is a fitness program that combines elements of jazz dance into aerobic exercise. The name also refers to the company that develops and markets the program. The word is a portmanteau of "jazz" and "exercise". Jazzercise is the original dance fitness, total-body conditioning program that combines the art of jazz dance and the beat of popular music.


Friday, April 06, 2007

For Petite Size Women! It's time for shipping our Japanese brand

Hello, this is funtrap!

As you know I represent high-end and unique Japanese brands in Donwtown LA.

Are you interested in hosting a Trunk Show?
Hosting "saikan" trunk show is a great way to purchase "saikan" at a discount, and earn products with your hostess reward!

It's a wonderful time to get together with your girlfriends and shop! See what's new and see our beautiful products first-hand!

If you live in southern California and would like to earn items at a discount, hosting a trunk show at your home, office, clubhouse or organization may be for you! We will provide you with a customized flyer invitation to send to your friends.

Please contact me via our website!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

03-28-07 Updated Blog!

Hey, Guys-

My webmaster, Kaori, has been hard working and finally we updated our website :)
Currently I have about 8 lines in my showroom. I do have many "in-stock" collections.
So buyers! Please contact me !

Thank you-


Sunday, March 25, 2007

03-25-07 Another website... Petite market

Here is my new saikan fall image!

3rd day of LA MARKET fall 07.
Honestly, it is bit slow...
But it is not a bad thing. This is the perfect time to find out new customers thru online, and make calls or emails.

I found a UK site, Petite Personal Shopper .
This website is a online magazine, and she provides petite people where to shop or how to shop.
The editor-in-chief, Yasmin, gave me a response after I sent her email, and she told me that she has many US viewers.
She'll write about us pretty soon :)
I'm glad I can get some fans from the world~

I know there are many XS and petite people out there!

Please come to visit my showroom, and find cute petite collections.

funtrap showroom

Saturday, March 24, 2007

03-24-07 Found it a great website...

Since I'm in Los Angeles, I've been overviewing Japanese fashion industry. Especially MEN'S Collections, there are so many outstanding brands there, and they becomes international brands!

The other day, I went to the store on Sunset, H.MEN .
They carry a lot of Japanese men's brands, and one of my lines, smo is also in this store. My friend's brand, AYUITE, has been in this store around 2 seasons already.

A sales associate told me that she like "attachment" that is the brand designed by Mr. Kumagai who used to work with Issey Miyake . (AYUITE's designer, Hiroyuki Obara, also worked at Issey!)
I'm glad many people understand concepts and they appreciate the techniques and qualities of Made In Japan clothing.

Here is the brands that MUST check collections of MENS Young Contemporary.

mastermind JAPAN
Epilogue Chant

I found a Japanes online magazine that is organized these brands' collaborations and sell online.
I wish they provide every contents in English as well, and that would be great though...

Anyway, they are AWESOME!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

03-02-07 Check This Out...


Hi, I'm blowing out my SAMPLES in March!!

I have following samples!!

SMO : men's highend T-shirts, Denim Jackets and so on
MUDDY-BOOTS : Highend women's collection, SUPER cool
SAIKAN : Lounge looks for matured women
LIVITY : Eco Friendly clothing and accessories. Hats, Caps!
IN53KTO : Super artistic T-shirts line

Definitely come to LA
Pricing are... so cheap!! You can believe it
Please come to say hi to funtrap!!
contact info and maps

Friday, February 02, 2007

02-02-07 My New Line, PURELIME

Hi, everyone. I'm getting super busy recently. Our showroom is so much active!
I got new line, PURELIME. It is a beautiful fitness lines, and getting well-known as a high end European fitness collection in the States. I used to work with them as an assistant sales rep, but now I'm in charge of Southern California sales.

Check out there website. This line is 100% life style brand. You can wear on the street and in the gym.

Anyway, they have already many customers, so I have to follow up. Getting busier and getting so much excited.

Everyone- See you with this collections :)

Monday, January 29, 2007

01-29-07 KIRIGAMI WORKS' WORKSHOP, our first experience in Los Angeles

Hello, this is funtrap showroom!

We'll have a special workshop with Japanese artist, Kanako Yaguchi

KIRIGAMI is a Japanese traditional art form that creates oroginal patterns using scissors and paper. Kanako is well-known as a KIRIGAMI artist who has been creating KIRIGAMI artwork under her YOROKOBINOKATACHI label for over 10 years in Japan. Kanako exhibited her artwork at German art show, Design Mai in 2005 and 2006. Italian interior magazine, Elle Decor, picked her art and featured KIRIGAMI in their Sep. issue of 2006.

In this workshop, everyone makes a small treasure attached with KIRIGAMI. Kanako will teach you how to make nice little KIRIGAMI patterns with using your own scissors.

This event is lunch-on event. First we'll have a lunch with letting you know what KIRIGAMI is and show you some of the art pieces of her creation. After lunch, we begin to make a treasure box together.

For more detail information, please contact funtrap showroom (

Date : February 10, Sat 12pm-3pm

Fee: $45 including lunch and materials

Place : Nice Cozy Italian Restaurant "Speranza"
2547 Hyperion Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027
#323 644 1918


2月10日(土) 時間午後12時 約3時間
会費 $45 (ランチと材料費込み)
定員 10名


2547 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
#323 644 1918

funtrap showroomまで!

Friday, January 19, 2007

01-19-07 We'll be in San Diego next week!!

Next week from 25th to 27th, I'll be in San Diego for ASR (Action Sports Retailer) show.
My line, NEON ELEMENTS will show its new 2007 AW snowboarding wear. This show is their first appearance for the US snow market. I hope we can attract many people in this show. My friends, Yo & Toshi, of Omicron Design will help for building up their booth. Rock & Snow NEON ELEMENTS should be appeared...

Unfortunately, now SIA is much popular for snow industry. I think we have to be there next year. We'll see..


今回のブースセッティングは、仲間のomicron designのよーたろうととしが担当。かっちょいーのを安く作って、という厳しい要望に、汗水流しながら、がんばってくれています。ありがとう!



Monday, January 15, 2007

01-15-07 A Happy New Year, 2007

~A picture from our Christmas party on Dec 2006~写真は年末のクリスマスパーティーの時の写真。

It's just begun. Sorry my "" website is still under construction, and I can't put a lot of new information on it.
Currently we have "LA MARKET summer". I met some new stores and also met again repeaters.
I didn't expect many customers, but some reasons it looks a lot of people visiting this show !
That's a good thing.

This week, it'll be crazy for sure! I'll have another market day left, a shooting on Wed, and have to prepare for ASR with my line, NEON ELEMENTS. ASR stands for "Action Sports Retailer". My snowboard wear line is tremendously high quality line, and this show will be their first appeapance in this market.

I have to make calls to let people know where we are going to be...

: ASR in San Diego from Jan 25-27, booth#2351


ところで、今はLA MARKET期間中です。今回はあまり多くのお客さんの来場を期待はしていなかったのですが、、、嬉しいことに新規の方、リピーターなどなど前よりも多く、ショールームに立ち寄ってくれています。

今週はそれでなくても忙しくなりそう。来週末(25-27日)にサンディエゴで開かれるASRショーに、 NEON ELEMENTSが出展予定で、今はその準備があって大忙し。加えて、水曜日は撮影もあるし、マーケットもあと1日残っている。。。ふぅ〜。でもきっと、いいショーになると思う。というかしなくっちゃ!