Monday, January 15, 2007

01-15-07 A Happy New Year, 2007

~A picture from our Christmas party on Dec 2006~写真は年末のクリスマスパーティーの時の写真。

It's just begun. Sorry my "" website is still under construction, and I can't put a lot of new information on it.
Currently we have "LA MARKET summer". I met some new stores and also met again repeaters.
I didn't expect many customers, but some reasons it looks a lot of people visiting this show !
That's a good thing.

This week, it'll be crazy for sure! I'll have another market day left, a shooting on Wed, and have to prepare for ASR with my line, NEON ELEMENTS. ASR stands for "Action Sports Retailer". My snowboard wear line is tremendously high quality line, and this show will be their first appeapance in this market.

I have to make calls to let people know where we are going to be...

: ASR in San Diego from Jan 25-27, booth#2351


ところで、今はLA MARKET期間中です。今回はあまり多くのお客さんの来場を期待はしていなかったのですが、、、嬉しいことに新規の方、リピーターなどなど前よりも多く、ショールームに立ち寄ってくれています。

今週はそれでなくても忙しくなりそう。来週末(25-27日)にサンディエゴで開かれるASRショーに、 NEON ELEMENTSが出展予定で、今はその準備があって大忙し。加えて、水曜日は撮影もあるし、マーケットもあと1日残っている。。。ふぅ〜。でもきっと、いいショーになると思う。というかしなくっちゃ!


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