Sunday, November 21, 2010

[11-21-10] Sample Sale For Babies!

Shopping season is on!
I went to sample sale in downtown's fashion district on Friday.
Till last year, I was the one who was running sample sale, but now I'm a shopper!

Every last Friday of the month is the official sample sale day for showrooms in downtown's fashion district, but this holiday season's November has every Friday!
Next Friday will be the Black Friday, and most of the showroom owners take day off. (Almost week off)
So the week before Friday is a kind of Gold Friday :)
(I called Gold, because it's like you are digging and finding thru many showrooms for your gold/diamond piece)

Of course you can find baby items from them, too.
California Market Center on 6th floor is the main baby & kids items showroom, and major boutiques and department stores buy from them!
So if you can find the right size for your baby, all the designer brands are ridiculously cheap here.

I got Charlie Rocket's for my sons a lot. I became a huge fan of this brand since Sep's sample sale, and I returned to buy more this time. Every piece was $10. Fred Segal carries this line, and regular price are around $24-$30. So it's pretty good price, right?

I brought my mommy friends who have both baby girls. They usually shop at Kitson or other boutiques, and they got so shocked about the price and selections.

Also yesterday was the major sample sale/warehouse sale of Splendid.
I went to their store on Robertson last month, and I could buy anything because it was pretty pricy.
Cute, but since I'm in industry, it's hard to purchase everything with regular price!
So it was worth to wait :)

I got T-shirts, cami, hoodie and some long sleeves for my son, Also I bought a polo for my husband.
Their regular price is $85 for long sleeve T. Yesterday, the most expensive item was $35. My tops were mostly $15!!!

Well end it up, I purchased so many... Yes I spent a lot.
But I really enjoyed being there. My son gets tired, so I don't think I shouldn't do that often, but once in a while, he can deal with that, right?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

[11-20-10] when my baby is constipated ...

Since last weekend, my baby boy has been on and off constipated. He used to have at least twice of bawl movement, but since he started eating solid food, less frequent.

My mommy friend told me if I gave him enough liquid since LA has been pretty dry. I was totally forgot except giving him breast milk, and what happened was he starts eating solid more, so he gets full, so he doesn't drink my milk after each meal. But he doesn't drink liquid, so I think he get dehydrated!!! Poor my baby...

So now I give him tea and little bit of juice frequently. Also I spoke with my ped doc and she suggested to give him prune till he gets normal. I decided to stop feeding solid except prune, and giving him my milk more like before.

I also does massage his tummy and legs.

So tonight before and after taking a bath, he has pretty good amount of poo!! Finally :)

Now he became happy happy again, and looks good.

Eating and drinking is such an important thing, so I realize again that I really have to be careful watching him and has to know more...

Anyway, as long as my baby seems happy, I'm happy. (So does my husband I think...)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

[11-18-10] As A Working Mom...

Since 2003, I've been self employed. Until I married, my life was Work Work Work. Then I took a little break when I married, but still I worked hard. Then after I got pregnant, physically I couldn't work that hard, so I slowed it down my business. Almost the same time economy crisis happened, so it was ok.

Then after my son was born, my very first month or my very first week, even I couldn't sleep thru the night, and I was exhausted because of nursing, I was so excited what I can do on my business next. And I was even talking with my sister about our future business plan.

When I was in Tokyo, I could go out only 3 hours because of my nursing schedule, but I still had many business meetings, and I was so excited to be "WORKING MOM".

Now my son is 7 months old, then my situation got changed.
Since I came back from Tokyo, I've been working as a Japanese writer, and also as a sale rep of multi lines.
I got few problems on my work, and frustratedly I can't do anything except talking or emailing.
But this kind of tiny issue made me SOOO tired, and emotionally I got exhausted.
I have only few hours of working a day, and mostly at night after my son goes to bed.
While my baby sitter is watching my son, usually it is only 2 or 3 hours, and time flies so fast. I usually can't finish all.

So my weekend would be gone most of the time.

I still go out during the day with mommy friends, and some people think why don't you stay home, and work.
But the reason I go out with them because I can take my son with me, and I've tried to work during the day, putting my son next to me. First three months, he was ok with sitting on swing machine or sometimes sleeping.
However now he needs to play, and his nap time gets shorter and shorter. If he sleeps, which means my meal time.

In this situation, sometimes I wish I worked someone then I had to go somewhere to work.
I go and work, then change my brain to watch and be happy with baby.
I wish I could have that way sometimes.

Well I know that working at home has a lot of advantages.
So it's always pro and con...

Just one thing, working mom is hard, but I chose to be, and I should learn how to manage my time smart!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

[11-14-10] New Tool For Baby Food...

Yesterday, I went to Burlington Coat Factory to purchase BABY ITEMS!
I haven't known that they have pretty big corner of baby and kid items.
One of my mommy friends mentioned that they have a big selection of baby items, and I was looking for a specific toy for my son, which is keys. They actually sold it only $.99!! I was pretty surprised.

Since I was there, I decided to cruise around, and found a great tool for making baby food.
I've tried not to purchase for special tools since I would make his baby meals till he is one or so.
So that's why I used Chakoshi for mashing and hand blender or magic bullet for mashing if I need to do with a quite portion.

But using Chakoshi sometimes takes forever.
I was wishing if I had mashing tool.
Then I found this!

It was $6.99 at the store(and seems it's the regular price in the US) and the products is from UK.
Annabel Karmel Bowl and Masher Set

So this morning I steamed carrots with my lovely pressure cooker, and used this tool.
I could mash it soooooo faster, and worked pretty good :)
It's cute, too!

I think I just fell in love this.

BTW, my husband gave my son a baby food today since I was out.
And usually I only give him a 1/3 of the jar but he gave a whole jar of apple today.
He also ate a large spoon of rice cereal together, and I was bit nervous that he ate too much.
But he seems ok, so may be I didn't give him enough???

It's always make me think how much I have to give food to my baby.
I wish I know!!!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

[11-06-10] Sticker Time!!!

Halloween is done, so now we start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I just received a newsletter from Sensational Beginnings, and it is said about free shipping for holidays.

I haven't bought anything from them yet, but they have TONS of studying toys and stuff.

I remembered when I used to teach Japanese to American kids, their mom has SB's catalogs, and kids love to pick toys.
Since they are not just TOYS, it's inspired for studying and learning. The girl loved the set of Being Nurse, and the boy loved Tools of Construction or something like that.

Speaking of learning toys,,,, I went to Toys'r'us yesterday to buy sticker books, but they have only complicated ones, and those are not what I want.

The reason I wanted to buy stickers books for my son, who will be just 7 months old next week, because I read the book, and I'm kind of into the method of "Kubota Nouken - The Preschool of Mr. and Mrs. Kubota -".

Mrs. Kayo Kubota, whose husband is the brain doctor. She and her husband have built the method called " Teaching Method from O months old". All this method is based on the activity of a brain, and basically stimulate brains, so naturally the babies will become genius!

I'm not sure that my son will be a genius or not, but I hope he'll enjoy learning new things and trying to do many things in his future.

And in the book, it is good opportunity to start using his FINGERS to grab small things from when he is around 7 months.
I know giving him "CHEERIO" is a good training, but I don't want him to eat too much between meals.
And Kayoko method said stickers are good to practice.

I think I should try to shop online...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

[11-04-10] My Very First Baking Bread Class

Today I held my very first baking bread class for mommies.
I learned how to bake when I was in Japan, and I got the certificate to teach the method as an instructor.

However since I moved to the US, I haven't had a chance to bake bread, and I do only few times per year. But since my mommy friends asked me how to bake, I realize it will be a great opportunity to become a bread baking instructor.

So I actually baked for practice last night.
I baked "cranberries bread". It is an arrangement of the bread Cafe Au Lait Bread, which I supposed to teach today. Instead of putting instant coffee and milk, I just put milk. Instead of putting chocolate chips, I put cranberries. It became a dessert bread but very simple plain. Great breakfast bread!

Then this afternoon my first dough turned to be a bit loose dough. Looked like I put too much sugar, and also I mixed first part of dough too much. So I decided to do one more time, and this time

1) Lower the temperature of milk & instant coffee
2) Less sugar
3) Less mixture of first part of dough

Then my second one turned perfect!

So I could show my students what is good and what is bad :)
But luckily both turned out pretty tasty bread.

My first day as an instructor wasn't perfect, but I'll be much more confident for the next time.

I'm planning to teach "Cheese Bread" for next!

Here I found the recipe of Cafe Au Lait Bread from websites
(in Japanese)
Japanese Recipe
(in English)
English Recipe

** I didn't put cinnamon**
(Unfortunately my recipe won't be able to upload...)