Thursday, November 04, 2010

[11-04-10] My Very First Baking Bread Class

Today I held my very first baking bread class for mommies.
I learned how to bake when I was in Japan, and I got the certificate to teach the method as an instructor.

However since I moved to the US, I haven't had a chance to bake bread, and I do only few times per year. But since my mommy friends asked me how to bake, I realize it will be a great opportunity to become a bread baking instructor.

So I actually baked for practice last night.
I baked "cranberries bread". It is an arrangement of the bread Cafe Au Lait Bread, which I supposed to teach today. Instead of putting instant coffee and milk, I just put milk. Instead of putting chocolate chips, I put cranberries. It became a dessert bread but very simple plain. Great breakfast bread!

Then this afternoon my first dough turned to be a bit loose dough. Looked like I put too much sugar, and also I mixed first part of dough too much. So I decided to do one more time, and this time

1) Lower the temperature of milk & instant coffee
2) Less sugar
3) Less mixture of first part of dough

Then my second one turned perfect!

So I could show my students what is good and what is bad :)
But luckily both turned out pretty tasty bread.

My first day as an instructor wasn't perfect, but I'll be much more confident for the next time.

I'm planning to teach "Cheese Bread" for next!

Here I found the recipe of Cafe Au Lait Bread from websites
(in Japanese)
Japanese Recipe
(in English)
English Recipe

** I didn't put cinnamon**
(Unfortunately my recipe won't be able to upload...)

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