Saturday, October 30, 2010

[10-30-10] Moms Club and roll over...

Hi, there. Last few days, LA has been so hot! It's like summer, and such a wonderful :)

I recently joined Moms Club in my area. It has many chapters by zip code, and pretty big organization. I went to the first chapter meeting today, and I got the calendar of Nov.
25 days over 30days, there are any kind of events. From just simple play day to mom's reading club, there are something we can join, and both me and my son has a chance to do something. It's a great opportunity for my son to be social since he starts recognizing people, and sometimes being so shy!!!

Then my son has been not rollover boy for last 6mos and 10days, but all of sudden he did two nights ago. Then he's already become expert, so now before he sleeps, he cries and roll over!!! He still can't come back from on his tummy, so he cries out. I've waited for a 10mins or so, but he can't change from there, so I have to fix his position. Then he does again and again and again. Last night I had to fix him 5 times.
( he was on a floor, so I was sleeping next him until he completely passed out!)

Now it's harder than before. We have to assemble his crib asap, cause we can't use his co-sleeper bed anymore!

Baby grows so fast....

Photo: Halloween Flower Arrangement (I held a class at my place. )

Happy Halloween , everyone !!!!

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