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[10-06-10] Baby Food Solution 2

So this week is week 2 for Kai about baby food. I bought books about baby food a couple months ago in English and Japanese.

English - "Blender Baby Food"
Japanese -"Gokkunki & Migumoguki"

I also got very useful handouts about baby food from local city hall office when I was in Tokyo.

My Ped doctor instructed two meals a day from beginning, bur I don't want to rush, so I'm still feeding him once a dat now. The quantity is the hardest for me to decide, so dat 1, I started giving him one scoop. Next day I gave him two scoops. Then I added upto 5 scoops with his baby spoon. According to the books I have,4-5 scoops/50ml is about the right amount per meal foe first month. (plus give him milk as much as he wants after meal)

My Japanese handout said go on to the 2 meals per day when a baby turn 6 months. The quantity per meal is the same: 50ml / 4 table spoons / 4-5 baby spoon scoops. Then my Japanese book and handout suggest to give variety of food per meal once we start 2 meals per day.

As I mentioned before the first meal for my son was rice porridge. His second food was cherry tomato. I supposed to give him " butter squash" however I didn't have fresh squash, and we had cherry tomato tree on our backyard, I decided to pick tomato. He actually like it!

However my girlfriend told me that her son, who is now 26 months,got tomato allergy because she fed tomatoes pretty much everyday when she started solid. So she suggest not to give him too much, so I decided to start giving him butter squash. I got it from local farmer's market yesterday, and I cooked by pressure cooker!

It took only 15 min total cooking time, and it is delicious!!!!

Some people concerns about nitrate. Yes it's very serious issue when you think about purple baby syndrome etc, but what I learn from many webs and books, then my understanding, I decided that I can still cook baby food by myself. ( at least I've been eating baby foods which my mom cooked including carrots, squash, potato and so on, and had no problem. So I believe my experience)

I always try to find as fresh vegetables as I can and choose the correct way of cooking.

Talking with other moms and learn from their experiences is also really useful now. Since I can learn from few different cultures' ways, I'm trying new things and see how my son reacts everyday.

I'm not a big fan of jar food, so I will keep cooking as much as I can. I hope this process helps to increase my motivation to cooking for our meals, too :)

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