Tuesday, October 05, 2010

[10-05-10] The last session of the first mommy & me

We've been taking Mommy & Me class at Bright Beginnings and Beyond in Santa Monica as soon as we're back from Japan this summer. (8 weeks session/$100)
Since Kai was just turned 4 months, and most of the kids in a class were about the same or bit older, it turned sooo much fun!
We did singing with babies and learning sign languages (three at every class), then discuss with some issues or exchange information about useful tips and/or toys.

Since teachers planned "mommies' night out" during the course, we could go out together, and spent sometimes together.
Now I could make many mommy friends, and my son got many same age friends. Since they are too little, they won't be able to play together yet, but I'm going to take next class which is for 6-12 months old class, and some of them will continue to take this class. So our bonding and pretty sure kids' bonding will be tight!! It is so fun to see all these small kids growing together.

Today my son shook hands with the girl next him, while they were laying down.
It was so cute, and me and her mom was smiling what they did!

That is the moment, you know.

Here is my son's favorite toy/tooth brush that I got to know from the teacher of my class.
Since my son doesn't have any teeth yet, but he can use it as a toy, and seems like it very well :)
There are few kinds of banana brushes in the world, but my son loves this!
Kushies Baby Banana Brush

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