Monday, October 04, 2010

[10-04-10] Everyday Fashion As A Mom...

Yesterday, I went to new Santa Monica Place with my husband and my son. It was pretty chill, and I wore a brown one-piece dress and my Sunshine Darlin's brown modal pants (Ilene pants) with brown simple shoes. I was all in brown.

Then browsing stores and I got shocked when I saw myself in the mirror at the store, no-make up, bit tired face women was in there. Yes, that was me...

I'm still nursing my son, so I usually pick the tops which is either V neck or button down type. And I can't pick a dress with round neck at all. Plus my body is still maternity looks like, so I prefer not to pick up tight pants.
Therefore I have few choices of tops and bottoms. Especially bottoms, I can wear either jeans or navy cottons pants. My daily wear is pretty much the same everyday.

I'm getting tired. I need to think about to change my style a little bit.

One of the easiest and quickest solution is using scarves!
Today I picked up my favorite long cotton knit scarf I got from Anthropologie last year.

Today's my look:

Gap's border tops
Gap's Navy chino pants
Anthropologie's navy/white/pink long scarf
TOMS shoes Ash Canvas Classic shoes
with Livity's cotton bag

I think it's pretty ok. It's not fancy, but I think dress well. Absolutely better than yesteday, I think.

By the way, I wrote article about TOMS shoes for Japanese media, and I studied about the company and thier movement. I think that's such an awesome thing what they do, and I bought a pair of their shoes. Since I went to Whole Food, they carry only TOMS CLASSIC line,which is the most simple and plain collection, and I picked this ash grey one.

It's so light and I like it!! Well love it!
As a mom, and if I knew earlier I could have worn while I was carring my son for sure:)

I'm thinking about shopping at Nordstrom to check other fancy TOMS shortly.

Anyway I think I have to keep my mind that I need to dress nice every morning otherwise my fashion sense will be destroyed. So I'm trying to use my brain for the best style I can think of everyday from TODAY!

TOMS article (in Japanese)
JB Press - TOMS Shoes

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