Saturday, October 02, 2010

[10-02-10] Solid Food Solution...

My son will be 6 months old in a week!!
Wooo, time flies so fast.

I started to feed solid food to my son last weekend.
The first food for my son is rice porridge!
I decided to give him porridge instead of rice cereal, because it's what he will eat in his future and much affordable! And also such a delicious! (I think) I know you have to cook, but cooking time is max 30min.

So here are few versions how to make rice porridge.

a) From cooked rice.
I usually do. Basically using rice cooker to make regular rice for adults.
Then just scoop a one table spoon of rice, and put in a small pan with a 1 cup of water.
Then boil it. Make it soft, then use CHAKOSHI to make it much much softer/mash it well

b) From uncooked rice.
this method makes this porridge much more delicious!!
one table spoon of raw rice, and add two cups of water.
almost cook 1 hour, and make it so soft. then use CHAKOSHI to mash it!

c) From frozen cooked rice.
Put frozen rice about one table spoon and add water of 1 cup,
Boil for 10-15 min/mid heat, and mash it with CHAKOSHI.

**Key tool is CHAKOSHI! (See the picture. It's like a small mesh ball with handle. You can buy at the Asian grocery stores)
It's such a bad idea to use blender or food processor only for this amount of small portion!
So using CHAKOSHI is the easiest and fastest way to mash food for babies, I think!

My son usually watching me cooking, then I give him a food.
It takes a while, I know!
But hopefully this process makes him understand and appreciate what he eats !

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