Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[05-25-11] My Sewing Time

I just feel like sewing, and I also inspired by a Japanese fashion stylist, Naoko Okusa, I decided to sew a heather gray skirt! There are two long darts in the back, and mini ones on a front. It will work with a white shirt for sure this summer!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

[05-14-11] Fashion Snaps In Manhattan Beach & Beverly Hills

Yesterday, I went to Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hill to do fashion snap shooting for Japanese fashion magazine with my favorite photographer, Kaori.

Kaori is one of the amazing photographers who shot many many celebrities, too!
Kaori Suzuki Photo

We shot Cinzia of Moni Moni bag, and some other fashion people.

Whenever I asked to get a permission to take a picture, somehow most of them work in fashion industry...
It's funny, but as long as you do street snapping, you have a chance to brush your EYES skills to find the right person!!

Will upload once the magazine comes out, but I like what I do!

While I'm working, my son has been with his baby sitter, then being with his daddy:)
He was a very good boy while I was away, but he seemed missing mommy a lot, so as soon as I'm home, he wanted to be with me all the time. How cute he is!!

Today I wanted to take him to the music class from 10:30am, but he just started sleeping...
Let's try the next class, shall we??

I like slow weekend after working hard!