Thursday, December 24, 2009

[12-24-09] Happy Holidays!

This Christmas, I gave few gifts to the kids I have been teaching Japanese!!

Custome shirts in Japanese!

Pretty cute, huh?

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

[12-17-09] LA BODY magazine production

One of our company's important projects is the production of LA BODY magazine, Japanese fitess & dance fashion magazine!

We did fashion shoots in San Pedro, Long Beach, Torrance and Redondo Beach this time!

We also did cover the famous female dance crew, We Are Heroes, from MTV American Best Dance Crew Season 4 this time!

Wonderful and exciting week...

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

[12-1-09] Fidm Trunk Show Now!

Hey, guys-
I'm at FIDM downtown Los Angeles! Come to see us :)
My kids pieces are here...

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[11-25-09] The Day Before Holiday...

What a beautiful day! Last night, I started crafting my kids line of Sunshine Darlin' to accessorize and make them one-of-a-kind!

They look pretty awesome, and start selling at FIDM alumni trunk show on Dec 1st!

Don't miss it :)

PS finally I download blog app in my iPhone! then I can upload my blogger often now.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

[11-23-09] Inspired by Amy Tangerine...

I was at Sassy City Chick yesterday. Thanks for shopping!!
I had a booth with Amy Tangerine, and she has such a wonderful collection!

Amy Tangerine Blog

Check her blog, everyone!

I also got a baby shirt for my little baby in my tummy!
What a cute it is, huh?

I love my collection, Sunshine Darlin', but I recently think that I need more twist for being unique...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[11-11-09] Holiday Events!

Don’t miss shopping Sunshine Darlin’ at sale events!

Hello! Just before the holiday season, we’ll join TWO sales events as follow:

Sassy City Chicks FASHION BASH
SUNDAY NOV 22, 2009
10AM - 3PM

4100 Admiralty Way Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Stop By at “Amy Tangerine Booth”
***Only Sunshine Darlin’ Ladies Available***

Sassy City Chicks

FIDM Alumni Trunk Show
TUESDAY, DEC 1, 2009

Arcade of Grand Hope Park
(Corner of Hope and 9th st, Downtown LA)
***Babies‘, Kids’, Ladies’ All Available***


For detail information, click each website!

If you bring a copy of this card, and we'll do gift wrapping your purchase FREE!

See You SOON :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

[09-11-09} Testimonials of Sunshine Darlin'

Hi, Guys-

I got few photos from my customers!
What cute pictures of babies and kids!

Sunshine Darlin'

Thursday, August 27, 2009

[08-27-09] Varde 77 Fall 09 Is Released...

Varde77 A/W 09

Awesome photo shoot we did last February with local model, Kurtis, for Verde77,and now they release their photos for coming season. (Photographer Yoshiyuki Nagatomo, Design&Director of Varde 77 Hiroyuki Miyata)

Check their website :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[08-26-2009] Inspired Interior Designs By Miho Kinouchi & Rachel Zoe

Hey guys-

I'm going to move a new place soon. We'll have a new studio room, and I'm start planning how to display my office/studio room to decorate!

I recently read a Japanese lifestyle book, "Reset Style", written by the Japanese art director Miho Kinouchi, and she's introducing californian life style in this book. Photos are beautiful and the contents are pretty interested.

Check her website

Some points I think I have some many commons thoughts, ideas and styles with her.
She's in my neighbor but never met, and hopefully I can see her someday!
Well I'm pretty sure I have some mutual friends. Japanese fashion/art industry in LA isn't that big, you know.

She inspired me some ideas for interior designs in this book.

Regarding inspiration, I also got some ideas from famous A-list stylist Rachel Zoe.
I know she's been in her own reality show, Rachel Zoe Project on bravo, and I haven't checked since last week.
I stunned the way of her work, and I'm really fascinated.
I know she has some bad rumors, and I know she's too skinny, but I'm still respecting the way of her work, and the way of coping the perfection in her fashion.

Rachel Zoe Project

By the way, I'm not that huge fan of her style. I like some of them, but I'm not the type of glamour-wanna-be!!

However some of the styles she creates for her clients are SOOOO perfect, and I think that makes her so popular.

Well, in her last Hollywood Hills house of 1644 Rising Glen Road, there was a mini studio, and I like that.
Simple, black/white interior. I like her wall paper/wall interior. I know it's so popular looks, but I still like it, and I'm going to have it like it in my new place!

Since my brand, Sunshine Darlin' has brown/orange theme, and my company Funtrap has pink/gray theme, I'm going to use some of colors as accent for sure.

Will let you know shortly!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[08-19-09] We have a FACEBOOK page now!

Sunshine Darlin' on Facebook

Don't forget to check our website :

Will let you know our upcoming event in Arcadia, CA in September!

See you guys soon...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

[08-02-2009] Another Show Time...

Hi there-

I was in Tokyo for 10 days to show new collections of PureLime Spring 2010! for Japanese fitness retailers...
Awesome collection, and I'm sure our local stores will carry either!

Also we had two days special sale at my Tokyo showroom, and we had more people came than last Spring event.
I'm so happy that customers were satisfied, and we met so many repeaters.

Our first kids and babies of SUNSHINE DARLIN' inventory just arrived at our online store
You can shop at its online store

You can also purchase with AmyKathryn bags thru the same website.

Wholesale is also available :
We have another LA MARKET coming up from Aug 7th/FRI - 11th/TUE at downtown LA
My collection will be shown with AMYKATHRYN at FOCUS show
And also babies & kids etc at A255

Both are at California Market Center

Please contact Yukie or Tammy ( to schedule appointments!

See you soon :)

Twitter +++ SunshineDarlin

Monday, July 13, 2009

[07-13-09] New Images of Sunshine Darlin'

Hi, Guys-

Have you checked our latest photos of Sunshine Darlin'???

Now we are on sale for 100% FINE COTTON collection
Some of my photos are for my Fall pieces, which are made of Bamboo fabric, Modal!

Comfy and dressy are the key for this fabric.

Don't miss !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[07-01-09] New Collection, Sunshine Darlin', Debut!

Finally we can release new collection info:

100% Fine Cotton and Bamboo Modal collection, SUNSHINE DARLIN, debut this summer. All designs are simple yet unique. Comfortableness is the key for this collection.

You can shop at its online store

Here are our best sellers:

Jane T-shirts
Material: 100% Fine Cotton
V-neck, Short Sleeve T-shirt with Epaulette

Vivian Long Sleeve Tunic
Material: 100% Fine Cotton
V-neck, Cut neck, Long Sleeve T-shirt Tunic

Veronica T-shirts
Material: 100% Fine Cotton
V-neck, Cut neck, Short Sleeve T-shirts

Park Day Hoodies (KIDS)
Material 100% Fine Cotton
Pull-over hoodie

You can also purchase with AmyKathryn bags thru the same website.

Wholesale is also available : Please contact Yukie ( for more detail info...

Monday, May 25, 2009

[05-25-09] Sample Sale Coming UP!

We'll sell basic cut&saw products at California Market Center on Friday.

AmyKathryn will join our sample sale as well :)

Location -

110 E.9th St A255
Los Angeles, CA 90079

See you then :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

[04-02-09] ScoLar is covered by Label Networks

Hi, Everyone-

We are covered by very trust worthy website, Label Networks!.
Check the article...

Story about ScoLar in

Thursday, March 26, 2009

[03-26-09] Sample Sale Tomorrow!

Hello, Guys-

Sorry for my late update.

I just want to let you know that we are going to join SAMPLE SALE at California Market Center tomorrow!!

Fitness Samples, ScoLar and etc...

Don't miss it!!

We will open at 9AM
Suite A255 --- EYD SHOWROOM!

Check This Web For Detail

Friday, February 06, 2009

[02-06-09] What A Crazy Week!!

Hello, Guys-

Again, my life has been hectic, and didn't update news. Sorry!!

Last night, I showed up my model/friend, Julia's suprise birthday party.
She's been helping so many projects for us, and we always enjoy working together.
She and her husband are going to move to Nashville next week, so I'm glad I did make it to join that party

I have been working for a Japanese cosmetic magazine as a coverage coordinator, and we visited spas, doctor's practices and cosmetic stores. During coverage, it is alwasy some tentions, so I'm pretty hard to keep myself healthy and happy because working with clients pretty much 24-7 while they are in town. So I need to think about how thing going every second!

But luckily, we did pretty good coverage, and I hope it comes out great...

In a mean time, I'm sending e-flier to my customers of ScoLar.
We're getting really excited to show new collections in Las Vegas.
Check attachment!

Anyone is interested in ScoLar, please email Yukie -
We're happy to schedule appointment to show new collections at POOL TRADE!

Monday, January 26, 2009

[01-26-09] Follow Up VARDE 77

Check this web, and you can check all photo's Varde77 Spring 09!

Monday, January 19, 2009

[01-19-09] POOL TRADE SHOW coming up!


Our last booth of ScoLar was on the official website of POOL TRADE now!
Doesn't it cool?

Yes, we did really work hard last time
Yes, we'll work hard this time again.

See you soon...
email us for appointment!

Friday, January 16, 2009

[01-16-09] Coordination For Japanese Apparel Brands

I just received the image book of VARDE77, that is Japanese men's casual brand.
We worked for their catalog shooting last September for upcoming Spring 09, and looks like it did succeed!

Check their website
Unfortunately the newest images are not uploaded yet, but you can tell their products and philosophy of the brand from there.

We did shoot in Venice Beach, CA
Anthony, the main teen model, is the perfect model for their upcoming collection, and I'm glad I could find him.
Another model, Joshua who looks like Anthony's brother, enjoyed his shooting as well, and we could work with another project, too!
My client was happy, and he said he wants me to coordinate next project, too.


My policy is to make people happy and fun thru working with funtrap.

I hope I can continue working with all of my clients and customers this year:)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

[01-15-09] Do You Really Need To Book Your Order 6 Months Ahead?

Hi, there-

I have been thinking about this industry a lot.
The buyers need to book their orders 6 months ahead, but as you know recent economy situations, it is really diffiult to do that.

My line, ScoLar, has been working with Japanese and other international accounts in Asia with the system of MONTHLY production.
The system is like this. ScoLar shows thier newest collections beginning of the months, and will delivery by the following mid month. They do every month like that way.

Good thing is, they manufacture all products really quick turn over, and make sure they delivery hottest pieces every month.

In Japan, the buyers used to book their orders 3-6 months ahead, and some of the lines still keep that way. However especially the category of YOUNG CONTEMPORARY, the trend changes every minutes, and to keep up with it, they need to provide new collections monthly. According to some Japanese boutique owners, they manage to keep their budgets for ScoLar monthly, because ScoLar makes their sales!

So does some popular Japanese brands, such as EGOIST, LOVE BOAT, CECIL Mcbee,COCOLULU, KAPALUA etc, design and production monthly.

How isn't impossible in the US?
Think about boutique owners!
H&M and Forever 21, they merchandise their products monthly basis, and why don't you?
I've been seeing many buyers haven't remembered their orders when they delivery.
It dosen't make sense!
However this system allows buyers to have fresh images of styling and products, and can receive them in a month.
That is fashion.

Upcoming POOL TRADE show in Las Vegas, we will show you our products of delivery on March, April and May.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

Please contact Yukie ( to schedule appointment!

We will do this way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[01-14-09] Back To Work

A happy new year!!
Finally I'm back to work.

In LA, the market will just begins
Unfortunately ScoLar won't show anything this time, but we're going to have a new stuff in Feb!

Will inform you update soon :)