Wednesday, March 28, 2007

03-28-07 Updated Blog!

Hey, Guys-

My webmaster, Kaori, has been hard working and finally we updated our website :)
Currently I have about 8 lines in my showroom. I do have many "in-stock" collections.
So buyers! Please contact me !

Thank you-


Sunday, March 25, 2007

03-25-07 Another website... Petite market

Here is my new saikan fall image!

3rd day of LA MARKET fall 07.
Honestly, it is bit slow...
But it is not a bad thing. This is the perfect time to find out new customers thru online, and make calls or emails.

I found a UK site, Petite Personal Shopper .
This website is a online magazine, and she provides petite people where to shop or how to shop.
The editor-in-chief, Yasmin, gave me a response after I sent her email, and she told me that she has many US viewers.
She'll write about us pretty soon :)
I'm glad I can get some fans from the world~

I know there are many XS and petite people out there!

Please come to visit my showroom, and find cute petite collections.

funtrap showroom

Saturday, March 24, 2007

03-24-07 Found it a great website...

Since I'm in Los Angeles, I've been overviewing Japanese fashion industry. Especially MEN'S Collections, there are so many outstanding brands there, and they becomes international brands!

The other day, I went to the store on Sunset, H.MEN .
They carry a lot of Japanese men's brands, and one of my lines, smo is also in this store. My friend's brand, AYUITE, has been in this store around 2 seasons already.

A sales associate told me that she like "attachment" that is the brand designed by Mr. Kumagai who used to work with Issey Miyake . (AYUITE's designer, Hiroyuki Obara, also worked at Issey!)
I'm glad many people understand concepts and they appreciate the techniques and qualities of Made In Japan clothing.

Here is the brands that MUST check collections of MENS Young Contemporary.

mastermind JAPAN
Epilogue Chant

I found a Japanes online magazine that is organized these brands' collaborations and sell online.
I wish they provide every contents in English as well, and that would be great though...

Anyway, they are AWESOME!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

03-02-07 Check This Out...


Hi, I'm blowing out my SAMPLES in March!!

I have following samples!!

SMO : men's highend T-shirts, Denim Jackets and so on
MUDDY-BOOTS : Highend women's collection, SUPER cool
SAIKAN : Lounge looks for matured women
LIVITY : Eco Friendly clothing and accessories. Hats, Caps!
IN53KTO : Super artistic T-shirts line

Definitely come to LA
Pricing are... so cheap!! You can believe it
Please come to say hi to funtrap!!
contact info and maps