Sunday, March 25, 2007

03-25-07 Another website... Petite market

Here is my new saikan fall image!

3rd day of LA MARKET fall 07.
Honestly, it is bit slow...
But it is not a bad thing. This is the perfect time to find out new customers thru online, and make calls or emails.

I found a UK site, Petite Personal Shopper .
This website is a online magazine, and she provides petite people where to shop or how to shop.
The editor-in-chief, Yasmin, gave me a response after I sent her email, and she told me that she has many US viewers.
She'll write about us pretty soon :)
I'm glad I can get some fans from the world~

I know there are many XS and petite people out there!

Please come to visit my showroom, and find cute petite collections.

funtrap showroom

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