Sunday, August 02, 2009

[08-02-2009] Another Show Time...

Hi there-

I was in Tokyo for 10 days to show new collections of PureLime Spring 2010! for Japanese fitness retailers...
Awesome collection, and I'm sure our local stores will carry either!

Also we had two days special sale at my Tokyo showroom, and we had more people came than last Spring event.
I'm so happy that customers were satisfied, and we met so many repeaters.

Our first kids and babies of SUNSHINE DARLIN' inventory just arrived at our online store
You can shop at its online store

You can also purchase with AmyKathryn bags thru the same website.

Wholesale is also available :
We have another LA MARKET coming up from Aug 7th/FRI - 11th/TUE at downtown LA
My collection will be shown with AMYKATHRYN at FOCUS show
And also babies & kids etc at A255

Both are at California Market Center

Please contact Yukie or Tammy ( to schedule appointments!

See you soon :)

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