Thursday, January 15, 2009

[01-15-09] Do You Really Need To Book Your Order 6 Months Ahead?

Hi, there-

I have been thinking about this industry a lot.
The buyers need to book their orders 6 months ahead, but as you know recent economy situations, it is really diffiult to do that.

My line, ScoLar, has been working with Japanese and other international accounts in Asia with the system of MONTHLY production.
The system is like this. ScoLar shows thier newest collections beginning of the months, and will delivery by the following mid month. They do every month like that way.

Good thing is, they manufacture all products really quick turn over, and make sure they delivery hottest pieces every month.

In Japan, the buyers used to book their orders 3-6 months ahead, and some of the lines still keep that way. However especially the category of YOUNG CONTEMPORARY, the trend changes every minutes, and to keep up with it, they need to provide new collections monthly. According to some Japanese boutique owners, they manage to keep their budgets for ScoLar monthly, because ScoLar makes their sales!

So does some popular Japanese brands, such as EGOIST, LOVE BOAT, CECIL Mcbee,COCOLULU, KAPALUA etc, design and production monthly.

How isn't impossible in the US?
Think about boutique owners!
H&M and Forever 21, they merchandise their products monthly basis, and why don't you?
I've been seeing many buyers haven't remembered their orders when they delivery.
It dosen't make sense!
However this system allows buyers to have fresh images of styling and products, and can receive them in a month.
That is fashion.

Upcoming POOL TRADE show in Las Vegas, we will show you our products of delivery on March, April and May.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

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We will do this way.

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