Saturday, October 16, 2010

[10-16-10] Baby Food Solution 3

Today, I made a grocery list for tomorrow's farmers market. Since my son starts eating solid, I need to " make meal plans " which work for him and for us both now.

I think that's really important. Then making plans definitely help not to waste food! ( I've been wasting so much, and been regret it. ) finally I'm enjoying cooking??!!!

This week, my son eats Sweet Potatoes for the first time. My lovely Italian pressure cooker, Lagostina, works really well, and took only 15min to make potatoes soft and allow me to mash easily! ( pressure time is only 5min!!) If you use microwave, that's ok, but usually makes potatoes smaller (because all the moisture are gone), but if you use pressure cooker, that's a different story.I haven't tried to steam by pressure cooker yet, but the instruction says it take extra 10min to cook them to make potatoes soft ( still lots faster than to do by regular pan)

Well I decided not to purchase special tools for baby food cooking because I know I use it only for a few months. Instead my pressure cooker and food processor help my baby food cooking a lot, and it's great!

So I really think having proper tools for cooking is the first thing to do. Otherwise it's just make every mom frustrated. For me , now I'm so enjoy cooking these simple baby food!!! If I can enjoy, my baby feels it, and he's enjoyed eating :) positive spiral!!!

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