Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[10-12-10] First night without him..

My son has a 6 month check up on Monday. He's growing pretty well!
And I told his doctor that my son still slept with our room, and he said "Take him out right away!".

So finally we moved his bed to his room.
We've already bough baby monitor with video.
My neighbor recommended SUMMER INFANT's baby monitor, so I bought the same one.
It's expensive a bit, but works pretty well.

The doctor said, "babies love ROUTINE". So
Feed - Bath - Read - Rock - Bed.
That's my doctor's suggestion, and no more feed during a night.
He also mentioned that I should give him my milk just before he goes to bed.
Because he won't be able to drink my milk otherwise he won't be able to sleep!

But last night, I gave him my milk before he went to bed.
Too many new things at once is too much for him,, I guessed.

Well turned out, it works well, so he didn't cry for milk during the night, I think.

He woke up around 4am, and make some noise, Ah-Ah-Ah-, then play with his SASSY toy, then got back to sleep by himself!!

WOW, amazing...

Hope he can do it tonight, too.


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