Sunday, November 21, 2010

[11-21-10] Sample Sale For Babies!

Shopping season is on!
I went to sample sale in downtown's fashion district on Friday.
Till last year, I was the one who was running sample sale, but now I'm a shopper!

Every last Friday of the month is the official sample sale day for showrooms in downtown's fashion district, but this holiday season's November has every Friday!
Next Friday will be the Black Friday, and most of the showroom owners take day off. (Almost week off)
So the week before Friday is a kind of Gold Friday :)
(I called Gold, because it's like you are digging and finding thru many showrooms for your gold/diamond piece)

Of course you can find baby items from them, too.
California Market Center on 6th floor is the main baby & kids items showroom, and major boutiques and department stores buy from them!
So if you can find the right size for your baby, all the designer brands are ridiculously cheap here.

I got Charlie Rocket's for my sons a lot. I became a huge fan of this brand since Sep's sample sale, and I returned to buy more this time. Every piece was $10. Fred Segal carries this line, and regular price are around $24-$30. So it's pretty good price, right?

I brought my mommy friends who have both baby girls. They usually shop at Kitson or other boutiques, and they got so shocked about the price and selections.

Also yesterday was the major sample sale/warehouse sale of Splendid.
I went to their store on Robertson last month, and I could buy anything because it was pretty pricy.
Cute, but since I'm in industry, it's hard to purchase everything with regular price!
So it was worth to wait :)

I got T-shirts, cami, hoodie and some long sleeves for my son, Also I bought a polo for my husband.
Their regular price is $85 for long sleeve T. Yesterday, the most expensive item was $35. My tops were mostly $15!!!

Well end it up, I purchased so many... Yes I spent a lot.
But I really enjoyed being there. My son gets tired, so I don't think I shouldn't do that often, but once in a while, he can deal with that, right?

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