Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[12-14-10] My Life Has Been Changed...

Today was the last day of the Mommy & Me class. It's been 4 months since I took the class for the first month. My son was just 4 months old, and now he's 8 months, and finally started crowing. That's a huge step for him.

My Japanese editor just uploaded the last diary of my labor experience.
Now I see the pictures and my comments, those are such an old stories!!

Sekano Kosodate (in Japanese only)

It's funny how quickly you adjust yourself as a mom.
Now my act and behavior are totally based on being mommy.

Last night I had a dinner & meeting with my clients and my production crew.
After dinner, some of them decided to go out, and they asked me to join, but I said no.
I think I let them down a bit.
I could have been able to joined, because it was 9pm, and I know my son was already in bed.
And I'm sure my husband would have said ok if I had asked him.
But I didn't.

I was really tired, Yes.
But more of that, I didn't feel like joining.
Should have joined? Yes, may be because there was a client.
But huh I don't know.
Since I became mom, my priority has been totally changed, and the standard of all my decisions right now are completely different from my past.

If I got sick or tired too much, who's going to take care of my son.
Replacing me in my work would be possible, but not for my baby.

I never thought that I could be like this the day I delivered my son.

Life has been changed soooo much,

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