Sunday, December 19, 2010

[12-19-10] Runny Nose Baby

It's not fun when your baby gets sick. My son has regular cold recently, and he has runny nose and coughs. Since he doesn't have a fever, all I have to do is sucking his slimy and make him warm.

I got this tool before my son was born. My mommy friend told me that I should get this for sure, and make sure ask my family to buy in Japan and ship or bring it over.

This baby nasal aspirator suck all baby's slimy in a nose. You put one tube on your mouth and another tube on a baby's nose. It's not pleasant experience so every time we use it, our son cries out, but it helps so well to clear his nose for sure.

You can get bulb syringe from the hospital, but unfortunately it works horrible. ( we think ) so I highly recommend to use this!

Well now you can get it thru Amazon in the US. Search "baby nasal aspirator".

Pigion, the Japanese very popular and trustworthy brand, sells it!

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