Thursday, November 18, 2010

[11-18-10] As A Working Mom...

Since 2003, I've been self employed. Until I married, my life was Work Work Work. Then I took a little break when I married, but still I worked hard. Then after I got pregnant, physically I couldn't work that hard, so I slowed it down my business. Almost the same time economy crisis happened, so it was ok.

Then after my son was born, my very first month or my very first week, even I couldn't sleep thru the night, and I was exhausted because of nursing, I was so excited what I can do on my business next. And I was even talking with my sister about our future business plan.

When I was in Tokyo, I could go out only 3 hours because of my nursing schedule, but I still had many business meetings, and I was so excited to be "WORKING MOM".

Now my son is 7 months old, then my situation got changed.
Since I came back from Tokyo, I've been working as a Japanese writer, and also as a sale rep of multi lines.
I got few problems on my work, and frustratedly I can't do anything except talking or emailing.
But this kind of tiny issue made me SOOO tired, and emotionally I got exhausted.
I have only few hours of working a day, and mostly at night after my son goes to bed.
While my baby sitter is watching my son, usually it is only 2 or 3 hours, and time flies so fast. I usually can't finish all.

So my weekend would be gone most of the time.

I still go out during the day with mommy friends, and some people think why don't you stay home, and work.
But the reason I go out with them because I can take my son with me, and I've tried to work during the day, putting my son next to me. First three months, he was ok with sitting on swing machine or sometimes sleeping.
However now he needs to play, and his nap time gets shorter and shorter. If he sleeps, which means my meal time.

In this situation, sometimes I wish I worked someone then I had to go somewhere to work.
I go and work, then change my brain to watch and be happy with baby.
I wish I could have that way sometimes.

Well I know that working at home has a lot of advantages.
So it's always pro and con...

Just one thing, working mom is hard, but I chose to be, and I should learn how to manage my time smart!

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