Sunday, November 14, 2010

[11-14-10] New Tool For Baby Food...

Yesterday, I went to Burlington Coat Factory to purchase BABY ITEMS!
I haven't known that they have pretty big corner of baby and kid items.
One of my mommy friends mentioned that they have a big selection of baby items, and I was looking for a specific toy for my son, which is keys. They actually sold it only $.99!! I was pretty surprised.

Since I was there, I decided to cruise around, and found a great tool for making baby food.
I've tried not to purchase for special tools since I would make his baby meals till he is one or so.
So that's why I used Chakoshi for mashing and hand blender or magic bullet for mashing if I need to do with a quite portion.

But using Chakoshi sometimes takes forever.
I was wishing if I had mashing tool.
Then I found this!

It was $6.99 at the store(and seems it's the regular price in the US) and the products is from UK.
Annabel Karmel Bowl and Masher Set

So this morning I steamed carrots with my lovely pressure cooker, and used this tool.
I could mash it soooooo faster, and worked pretty good :)
It's cute, too!

I think I just fell in love this.

BTW, my husband gave my son a baby food today since I was out.
And usually I only give him a 1/3 of the jar but he gave a whole jar of apple today.
He also ate a large spoon of rice cereal together, and I was bit nervous that he ate too much.
But he seems ok, so may be I didn't give him enough???

It's always make me think how much I have to give food to my baby.
I wish I know!!!

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