Saturday, November 20, 2010

[11-20-10] when my baby is constipated ...

Since last weekend, my baby boy has been on and off constipated. He used to have at least twice of bawl movement, but since he started eating solid food, less frequent.

My mommy friend told me if I gave him enough liquid since LA has been pretty dry. I was totally forgot except giving him breast milk, and what happened was he starts eating solid more, so he gets full, so he doesn't drink my milk after each meal. But he doesn't drink liquid, so I think he get dehydrated!!! Poor my baby...

So now I give him tea and little bit of juice frequently. Also I spoke with my ped doc and she suggested to give him prune till he gets normal. I decided to stop feeding solid except prune, and giving him my milk more like before.

I also does massage his tummy and legs.

So tonight before and after taking a bath, he has pretty good amount of poo!! Finally :)

Now he became happy happy again, and looks good.

Eating and drinking is such an important thing, so I realize again that I really have to be careful watching him and has to know more...

Anyway, as long as my baby seems happy, I'm happy. (So does my husband I think...)

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