Monday, December 08, 2008

[12-08-08] Yogahop!

Today, I joined the class of YOGAHOP for the first time!
The YOGAHOP was founded by Mary King,Marko King,Matthew Reyes; and Jonathan Watters in the summer of 2006.
Matthew Reyes is the current head instructor, and he's famous as a personal trainer of Reese Weatherspoon, the actress.

I went to the LULULEMONstore in Santa Monica the other day, and I heard about this program
I used to take yoga classes frequently, and I also took lessons of jazz dancing, hip hop, and zumba.
But last 6 months, I didn't do pretty much anything

Since my personal life has been bit calmer now, I think it is the best time to put myself in the fitness surroundings!

I like Hatha yoga, but I always feel too relax, and I couldn't make myself into the whole yoga thing, because I've danced with fun and sweat, so when I take regular yoga class, I don't feel satisfied.
I took Bikram yoga classes, but those are also no my type

But this YOGAHOP might be the one!
I wish I could do all the yoga postures better, and well known
But that makes a good motivations to take classes more

The instructor, Jennifer, was awesome, and I'm planning to get back to her class again:)

Today I wore LA BODY's Bra Top, and my favorite PureLime supplex pants!


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