Saturday, December 06, 2008

[12-05-08] Meet Fashion People in Downtown LA!

Today was a sample sale day
Unfortunately not many people know about that, so it wasn't that busy like regular the end of the last Friday of the month, but still frequent shoppers were hopping showrooms to get some special deals!

I went to stop by to meet the owner of Bryce and Bouji, one of my favorites contemporary designer.
I met the designer, Jen, at FIDM trunk show this spring, and I just felt in love her collections.
The company is now growing, and her reps seem to work pretty well.
They'd love to expand more international accounts, and I'm planning to looking for Japanese accounts....

Then after that, I went to say hello to Ava at Nightcap Clothing.
She's a sales person, and also in charge for PR.
She's such a sweat and cute as usual. (She dyed her her into bit darker than before, and I really like that!!)
I met Ava to cover Nightcap for Japanese magazine, JJ before, and I didn't have a chance to stop by their new showroom.
Anyway, their place is such a cute, and I talked with her about more business things this time.
We seem to have many mutual things when we talk about selling to boutiques.
I'm glad that I could stop by :)

To meet people is always inspiring!!

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