Thursday, January 24, 2008

01-24-08 ScoLar Update

Hello, Everyone!

I was in NYC this week, and it was freezing, but guess what?
LA is so COLD as well because of T storm!!
Now we have on-and-off rains and winds...

Regarding storms, I think my new Japanese line "ScoLar" made some storms in the US during holiday season.
It means most of the stores did sell well my ScoLar!
Of course in Japan and other Asian countries, ScoLar get super popular as a unique young casual collection.

We're so exciting to coming back to the POOL TRADE SHOW in Las Vegas from Feb 12-14.
Please contact us to schedule of appointment:)

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

---Young Contemporary---

---Fitness Lines ---

--- Funtrap is now with Serendipity Showroom ---
Also known as ---Under and Tulula Corporate Showroom---

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