Wednesday, August 20, 2008

08-20-08 ScoLar & Mon-Peche-Mignon : It's Vegas time

Hello, Everyone-
This is YUKIE of Funtrap.

We did our seasonal photo shoots in LA for ScoLar and Mon-Peche-Mignon.
Both lines are from Japan, but they look totally trendy, don't they?

Our ScoLar model is Jennifer. She's young and cut model.
Our Mon-Peche-Mignon model is our frequent model, Clara! She did our first shooting for both lines, and this time she looks really gorgeous!

I can say, ScoLar is the collection to make you feel really fun and happy, on the other hand Mon-Peche is making you much more trendy and sexy.

Upcoming Las Vegas show, we'll be back POOL TRADE.
Our booth# is 408.

Our crew will be Yukie, Kumi, Nikki and Grace!

People who won't be able to attend this POOL TRADE, don't hesitate to contact me!

Funtrap Official Website

For your reference...
ScoLar Website
Mon Peche Mignon Website

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