Friday, October 20, 2006

10-20-06 Just Started!

Today, LA MARKET has begun

I have following lines in my showroom now:

saikan : women's better contemporary / young professional line
smo : High-end men's contemporary line
mizra: Truly craftmanshipped Japanese denim with hand painted and dying
muddy boots : mannish women's high-end line

from Los Angeles
OUTERNATIONAL by Livity : Organic and enviroment-oriented hats and accessories line
in53kto:Unique T-shirts line
Psychodelic Mystic : Funky T-shirts and dresses created by LA based Japanese designer

I'm so happy that my new denim line looks very good reaction. It ain't cheap, but very beautiful!

Also anybody who wants to buy in stock items of KIRIGAMi WORKS, saikan and smo, you can also buy from us!
Visit our showroom...

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