Tuesday, October 17, 2006

10-17-06 LA MARKET

Hi, this is YUKIE. I owned multi line showroom in Los Angeles. My showroom has many lines from Japan.
Luckily, I've been having good relationships with other showrooms in my building, California Market Center, and we getting rexognized by people in this industry.

Currently I have following lines:

from Japan
saikan : women's better contemporary / young professional line http://www.saikanlabel.com
smo : High-end men's contemporary line http://www.smo000.com
mizra: Truly craftmanshipped Japanese denim with hand painted and dying http://vipa.co.jp/
muddy boots : mannish women's high-end line http://www.muddy-boots.jp

from Los Angeles
OUTERNATIONAL by Livity : Organic and enviroment-oriented hats and accessories line http://www.livity.org
in53kto:Unique T-shirts line http://www.in53kto.com
Psychodelic Mystic : Funky T-shirts and dresses created by LA based Japanese designer http://www.psychodelicmystic.com

I'm getting excited to see reactions from customers during LA MARKET

Please visit our showroom at California Market Center
110 E 9th St. C555 Los Angeles, CA 90079
funtrap showroom

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