Monday, November 04, 2013

[11-04-13] TED X Kids @ Chiyoda

My first TED experience was awesome. I met so many interesting people and kids. They inspired me a lot. Over all they all keep chasing what they LIKE. They could FIND what they like. That's awesome. I like too many things, and my professions are not perfect enough as I compete with them, but I think that is also part of who I am now, and I like it. I'm a totally generalist, and I didn't like it before. But after I heard all the stories today, and I realize that's why I can cover and write as many categories as I like, and that's my job. I'm glad I am a writer:)


間で見たTED TalkのVにも感銘!全体的にこれほど刺激を受けた一日は久しぶりで、スーパージェネラリスト目指して、今後も取材活動頑張ろうと思った一日になったのでした。



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