Friday, March 25, 2011

[03-25-11] Since Last Month...

It's been more than a month since my last post.

Regarding our personal life, my son is now 11 1/2mos old, and almost his 1 year birthday!!
We have been taking few classes of mommy and me.
One is run by the city where we live. It's called "Family Fun Time".
The program is about learning singing, then play at the activity room. My son has been playing with balls, crawling everywhere, and laughing a lot!
Another one is run by the Japanese preschool in Southbay.
The program is focusing on learning basic Japanese culture including all festivals and more general behaviors (cf:bowing and greeting). Since most of his classmates are older, and they walk pretty well, he has been trying to walk more than before!!
I think those bit old kids inspires him a lot!!

We also have playdates with other mommies and babies, who took the class at Bright Beginning and Beyond in Redondo Beach.
We play at someone's place, so sometimes we go out like Wilderness park or Botanical garden.
Being with them is such a great, and for our babies/kids, meeting with the same friends are precious!

Then the night of March 10, Thursday night, I got a text from my friend and he noticed that my country is in trouble.
Soon I checked the news, and I found the devastating country and cities I saw.
I've been using my facebook, twitter and emails to check my family and friend's status.
Luckily my family are ok, and so do my friends. However I've seen too many bad things...

As a writer, and a member of a Japanese journalist group, I got busy all of sudden.
I've reported what happened in the US, or what kind of helps the US government and organization has been issued.

Here are few articles that I reported thru Yahoo! News in Japan:
政・財・スポーツ界から日本支援 米国の震災対応
集らない東日本大震災向け義援金 米国
被災地へ50万足の靴 米国のNPOが提供

I can't imagine what happened if I were there with my little baby. I feel so vulnerable...

Now many Japanese communities have been donating by so many ways.
We are going to have some donation sales all over in Southbay, where is the largest community in Southern California, in next few weeks.

If you have a chance, please stop by and think about the victims in Japan...

On April 2, Sat from 9am-3pm
"MAMA TOMO" Tohuku Support Sale
at 23740 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance 90505
All sales will donate to Japanese Red Cross.

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