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[04-16-11] Baking Breads For Babies...

Recently I have been baking many breads. First, I need variety for my son's snack and second he has milk allergy now..

I gave him a piece of bread from the Japanese bakery, which bake fresh bread, he still got few redness on his face. So I decided to bake bread by myself and avoid all milk stuff.

Since I have a basic knowledge how to bake bread, I have tried different ingredients and baking time. ( I even has a teaching license of baking bread from Japanese baking school!!!)

So here is the simplest bread I can bake, and you don't even need to use oven. I just use toaster!!! Fermentation takes time, but it worths it!!! My son loves eating my bread.

I use Panettone dry yeast which you can buy from Nijiya market.( they have online store, too)
Compared with regular dry yeast, its less stinky I think.

Bread flour (unbleached from wholefood) ----1c (180g)
Panettone dry yeast --- 2t (7-8g)
Salt (sea salt) --- 1t (3-4g)
White Sugar --- 1/2T and 1t (9-10g)
Warm Water (50/50 cold and hot)--- 120cc

If you make it more flavorful and tasty, put dry milk ( I use one in organic and can get from
Whole foods) 1t(3-4g) and butter (unsalted) 1T(12g). Heat butter with microwave for 30 sec-1min, and make it melt.

1. Put flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a bowl. Make sure put yeast and sugar together and put salt on the other side of the bowl.

2. Put warm water in the bowl. When you out it in, aiming sugar and yeast. Mix them well and out dough on a table. Mixing until all powder is gone, and feel like the dough becomes your ear lobe.

3. Put melted butter into the dough.Keep mixing until it's soft yet bouncy.

4. Make a big ball with dough, and put it back in the bowl. Put warp and mark the size of current dough, and put it somewhere warm. ( I use microwave. Put 1cut of water and heat up for 1-2min. Inside of microwave gets moistened and warm. Use that as fermentation room)

5. Wait for 1-2 hours until the dough becomes 3 times larger that the original.

6. Put flour on your finger, and do finger test. Make a little hole, and check the dough is only a bit bounce back yet not too sticky.

7. Use fist and take out the gas from the dough. Divide dough into 8-10. And make a ball.

8. Put wet cloth onto the ball doughs, and rest for 10min

9. Remake into a ball again ( to make it look better..) and put them onto the cooking pan.( don't forget to put parchment paper!) put wrap ( which you used for the first fermentation) and put the wet cloth onto the doughs.

10. Heat the lowest (90F) temp to set your toaster, and wait for 5min. The put doughs into the toaster.

11. Second fermentation for 20-30 min. To wait till the doughs get double size.

13. Take out doughs and preheat toaster to set 375. Put doughs into the toaster. Check 6-8 mins, if the surface is getting burn, put aluminum foil to cover the breads.

14. Total 13-15 mins, your bread should be ready!!!

Put comment or send my message to my twitter, if you have any questions or advice :)

Enjoy !!!
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