Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[04-27-11] My recent work- Casting and Coordination

American Rag Cie Japan Men's collection COAST

I did this work in March. I was involved as a casting director and coordinator for this project.
It turned out we have an amazing catalog!!!

American Rag Cie Japan features Riviera Clubin this spring, and we asked Greg, Joe and Derek to be a model for this shooting.

I also found young skate/surf boys, Chaz, Zeke, Christian and Mark.
They did amazing job in our shooting!!

The photographer, Yoshi, is also famous as stylist in Japan.
The art director, Ryuji, is also very famous as art director!

Yoshiyuki Nagatomo
Ryuji Oya

I'm looking forward to hearing what people think about it!

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